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2018 - STRENGTH (XI)

Alliance and Coherence With Yourself

Strength-1When every part of you is in harmony and in connection between themselves, emerges then an inner coherence which translates itself through actions, thoughts and sensations which have a direction, a strength and a meaning equivalent to what unites them.

2018 is the year of Strength XI according to Tarot numerology.
It’s the season of alignment. In the article published in October, we talked about the “vertical posture which is nothing else but the alliance of the ascending and descending forces in a central point of harmony and deep equilibrium from which emanates the tranquil power of being, self-confidence and unconditional love.” [read the October article]

La Force - WirthOnce this alliance takes place - this alliance corresponds on the arcana’s image to the hands, belly of the character and to the lion/wolf/dog animal’s mouth, depending on which angle we look at it - another type of motion is then going to occur. The movement of penetration of the Spirit into matter which is moreover going to accelerate its density therefore changing its vibration. The lower energies are going to move upward through the allotted channels and the higher energies are going to move downward through their own specific pathways. It’s like being grounded without being earthbound because all dimensions are in alignment without fighting against one another. The densest energy prompt you to incarnate a project, to do concrete, tangible things and the subtlest ones allow you to overcome the barriers of matter and to move from one reality to another without feeling inadequate or off track.

What could then be the major obstacle to this movement so essential to your human existence?

It’s not easy to identify it and yet it is the outcome of a position which has been supposedly soul saving in many respects for thousands of years. It’s part of a heavy collective inheritance which often is like a wallpaper on your inner chambers to which you don’t really pay attention any more because it’s so familiar, like being part of the furniture. This obstacle is the insurance of the destruction of your coherence of being and it’s named self-hatred.

Self-hatred is like a form of inner terrorism which destabilizes self-unity and self-coherence similar to outer terrorism endangering the unity of people, families and cities. To acknowledge it presses you to ask yourself the following question: “If I hate myself or if I hate parts of me how would it be possible for someone else to love me or to love the parts of me I reject? If I hate myself, don’t I give others the right to hate me with the display of actions that might be linked to this subconscious and tacit agreement?

The Arcana XI, center of the Tarot deck in its organizational and initiation breadth, which reveals the journey of souls, is a mirror arcana highlighting the reflection of higher energies in matter and vice versa. This reflective dimension for 2018 is an invitation to question your outer reality as a mirror of what is occurring within yourself and to recognize what you are rejecting of yourself. It is a very demanding practice.

I am not going to paint a planetary portrait of today’s world but consider 2018 a soul searching time with an immense respect for all that is sculpting you in this lifetime and what shaped you in past lives.

Animal ForceThe main questions 2018 is bringing to you are: What do you do with your instinctual and animal nature which is in you since the beginning of time while knowing that self-hatred hasn’t been a respectful solution to your inner unity? Are you going to keep pushing away this part of you and persevere in transmitting self-hatred? Are you going to express it through fear of others and xenophobia? Are you going to give free rein to those overwhelming impulses? Are you going to join the dominators club while inviting the victims to feed your power? Are you going to associate yourself with the dominated ones to ease and clear your conscience while believing if you don’t take your place you are doing a good deed?

The threshold of tolerance has a tendency to get lower in a year 11 because the work is to align and to engage with discipline in each moment in order to support the alignment. The unfortunate compromises which weaken you will be put to the test and you will receive immediate feedback about all your misaligned actions. Alliance and coherence with yourself is a continuous adventure which impregnates even more deeply into the core of each of your cells which are singing more and more harmoniously the song of life.

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